Why Sponsor at Bawtry Polo Club?

What Can Sponsorship At Bawtry Polo Club Offer You?


Targeted Marketing

There are few sports which emanate the glamour of the races, the excitement of a Jilly Cooper novel, and the wholesomeness of a family day out – all in a beautiful English countryside setting. Sponsors can access a wide demographic by having their brand connected with Bawtry Polo Club. Who do you want to target? We'll have a package to suit!


Brand Perception

With a high standard of horse care, well co-ordinated events, a big Social Media presence, our quirky clubhouse and the thrilling association with 'The Sport of Kings', BPC Sponsorship gives a human face to your company name.

Polo Players

Community Awareness

BPC is well situated, being less than 10 miles miles from Robin Hood Airport and 6 miles from the historic market town of Bawtry. Sponsorship offers links and networking opportunities within this thriving local community.


Social Media

First and foremost, BPC is a Selfie-Friendly venue! We encourage the spreading of our BPC tag by all clients through all Social Media outlets. Our own Social Media presence for 2019 is aimed at encouraging followers and giving a ‘human’ (and horse!) face to our club. Sponsors will feature heavily in our Social Media, meaning your brand is being promoted and kept current with a wider audience than those in attendance at the club.


Complimentary Brands and Competition

Thinking of sponsoring? Chances are that other complimentary brands (as well as your rivals!) are too. 

To quote Winston Churchill; 'a polo handicap is a passport to the world', applicable as much to those associated with the sport as to the players themselves! Sponsoring at BPC is a proactive approach to being seen by both potential consumers and other businesses.

Business Desk With Laptop and Coffee

Out and About

As well as playing at our Bawtry Polo Club base in Misson Springs, 2019 will see outings to play at other clubs in friendly chukkas and tournaments alike. If you’re keen to get your name out and about then our shirts, our horsebox, our saddlecloths and our horse rugs displaying your brand may be something you’re interested to hear more about.


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