DIY - £35 per week

-grass livery

-field harrowed and ragworted

-daily check

Working - £70 per week

Please Note: This Package is available subject to BPC's assessment of the horse and us confirming he/she is suitable for use in the school.

-Working livery;  as full livery but BPC may use horse in our Polo School

Full - £90 per week

- full care of pony
- fields harrowed and ragworted
- basic hard feed and hay as needed
- dentist, vet, farrier visits attended
- rug changes
- to add exercise and getting ready for BPC chukkas add £15 per week


Livery Extras

Need something taking care of that isn't included in your chosen Livery Package? Our Extra's are available for such occasions!

Please let us know if you require something which isn't listed.

Extra's Price List

-Bring in & tack up £5

-Untack & turn out £5

-Hog & tail £5

-Clips from £20

-Feed £15 (per week)

-Hay £15 (per week)

-Basic vet/farrier visits attended £10

-Exercise £10

-Schooling £25

Organic Carrots

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